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We understand if we only focus on big projects, small but necessary improvements get neglected.  So with every release we’re devoting a portion of our time to small improvements.  We’re also making sure to select ones that have a significant positive impact.  There are several small improvements that you’ll get in Version 2.8 (due out December 10th).  A few weeks ago, Read More

Trek Care Integration is Here!

The new Trek Care Program was introduced this past August.  Integration with this new program is available now in Ascend 2.8.  It is available now for early release.  Otherwise, it will be available to everyone on December 10th. No Duplicate Data Entry: When you add a Trek bike to a sale, Ascend automatically presents the new Trek Read More

Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Final Episode

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Episode 1 and Episode 2.  Today we wrap up our overview of Ascend’s new Reconcile Inventory Feature.  What did you forget to count? Sometimes when you do an inventory you miss a few products.  Sometimes products are gone.  Previously you had to wait to find out about them until Read More

Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Episode 2

In Episode 1 we introduced our new Reconcile Inventory feature.  In today’s episode we’ll introduce you to the new and improved Reconcile Inventory grid. Stay Right Where You Are: Sometimes products you scan need fixing.  They may have a duplicate record.  Pricing may be below cost.  Or maybe they haven’t been categorized.  Previously you’d have Read More