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3 Tasks To Improve Your Business This Week

September 4, 2013 Finance, Inventory Mark

As Autumn approaches you may find yourself with some extra time to focus on improving your business.  Here are 3 simple tasks you can complete this week:

  1. Download our new QuickBooks Health Assessment:  Download this new assessment tool and answer the questions to determine how well you’re managing your Ascend and QuickBooks data. 
  2. Register for Inventory Fantasy Camp:  Reserve your seat at our next camp scheduled for October 29th and 30th at Trek HQ in Waterloo, Wisconsin.  At camp you’ll learn inventory best practices in a real hands-on environment.  After camp you’ll take that knowledge back to your shop and replicate the process.
  3. Join the Ascend Customer Network:  Join over 200 Ascend customers that are already on the Ascend Customer Network (ACN).  It’s a great forum to get questions answered, to share ideas and get program updates.  To join, just send your email address to help@ascendrms.com and we’ll send you an invitation.

Just a reminder that Ascend Version 2.7 will be available for everyone to download later this month.  Stay tuned here for more details.


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