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Ascend Version 2.3 Preview – Part 1

January 23, 2012 Inventory, Version Updates Mark

Ascend Version 2.2 Critical Update:

Tonight (1/23) we will be posting an Ascend service release to update our integrated email service.  If you’re on Version 2 you must upgrade by January 30th. If you don’t, you will not be able to send email messages from Ascend after that date. About a month ago, we had an extended outage of our email service. This update will prevent that from happening again.

Ascend Version 2.3 Preview:

We are in the final 3 weeks of programming for the next major release of Ascend. It will be available to our “early release” dealers in mid-February and available to everyone in mid-March. So it’s time to start showing you all the cool stuff you’re going to get. There’s so much to show you that I’ll be devoting my next several blogs to this topic.

More inventory adjustment types:

Inventory accuracy is the foundation of Ascend. Recording inventory adjustments is an important tool to help note where products are going. On our UserVoice forum we heard that you didn’t have enough adjustment types. So we’ve added five new types for you to use. They are Owner’s Draw, Rental Use, Sales/Display Use, Shrink and Sponsorship.

Custom footers by transaction type:

Another long-standing request is to be able to have different text print out at the bottom of your receipts based on the type of transaction. For Version 2.3 we’ve added that option for you. You now have the ability to specify different footers for Sales, Quotes, Layaways, Work Orders and Returns.

QBP 3rd Warehouse:

Last month, QBP opened a 3rd warehouse in Pennsylvania. In Version 2.3, the QBP order screen will show availability in their Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Utah warehouses.

That’s it for now. Check in next week for part 2 of our Version 2.3 Preview.


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