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Ascend Version 2.3 Preview – Part 2

January 29, 2012 General, Version Updates Mark

Ascend Version 2.2 Critical Update:

An Ascend service release is available now to update our integrated email service.  If you’re on Version 2 you must upgrade by Monday, January 30th. If you don’t, you will not be able to send email messages from Ascend starting Tuesday, January 31st. About a month ago, we had an extended outage of our email service. This update will prevent that from happening again.

Ascend Version 2.3 Preview Continued:

We are in the final weeks of programming for the next major release of Ascend. It will be available to our “early release” dealers in mid-February and available to everyone in mid-March. We started our preview last week and continue with more details today.

More controls when exporting in-store products:

Exporting in-store products (Desktop>File>Export>In-Store Products) is a popular feature for modifying large groups of products with Excel.  Previously your only choice was to export all products for a specific vendor.  If you were dealing with a vendor like Trek or QBP it could take a long time just to create the list and then you were left with a huge spreadsheet of products to work with.

With our new Export In-Store Products form you now have much greater control to create the specific list of products you want to work with.

We’ve given you the same search list available in the Database Explorer Products folder.  You can use the popular Super Search or choose from many other available options (Brand, Color, Description , etc).  In addition, you can also choose from category, vendor and price range to further refine your list.  Finally, you can filter the list to include only those products that are in inventory or are marked for eCommerce export.

There’s much more to show you.  Check in again next week for Part 3 of our preview.


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