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Ascend What?

January 20, 2015 Ascend Analytics, Finance Eddy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know that Ascend Analytics received a major overhaul earlier this week. Not only does it look fresh-to-death, but it puts more of your data to work.

Basically: it’s beautiful, more powerful, and easier to use.

And yet we still get calls from many retailers who either aren’t sure what the web application can do for them or have never even tried logging in. To help fix that, we’re putting together a short overview that might encourage you to get up and running with your data in this week’s post.

Why You Should Care: One of the most frequent questions we receive is simply “How can Ascend Analytics make my business successful?” Fair question. And the answer is multilayered because of the wide range of opportunities it opens up. Ascend Analytics enables you to:

Is It Really That Good?: Yes. Ascend Analytics provides high-level summaries and drills the details of your business to make opportunities clear and visually apparent. And since the information displayed in Analytics is updated overnight through Ascend, you’re always sure to have up-to-date information without even having to be on location. View:

Ok, But There Has to Be a Catch: Not really. Ascend Analytics is the hassle-free way to monitor your business, whether you have a 13 store chain or run a single location.

Get Started: If you aren’t currently set up with Ascend Analytics, view the Analytics Pre-Install Checklist to find out how to get up and running. If you’re a store manager or owner, view the Workspace Tour (for Managers) for an overview of your Analytics workspace. If you’re a sales person, mechanic, or other store team member, view the Workspace Tour (for Team Members). Want to view some of the changes? Click here to watch a short video describing some of the updates included with our January release.

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