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Attention Buyers: Your Life Just Got Easier

April 3, 2014 Inventory, Ordering, Reports, Sales Mark

The job of the retail buyer is a challenging one.  Figuring out what to buy to keep a store stocked with profitable products isn’t easy.  It’s even harder if you’re a buyer responsible for multiple locations.  If that’s you, we’re happy to announce that life just got easier with Ascend Version 2.9 and the new Inventory & Sales History Report.

Access it from anywhere:  You can access the new report via Ascend from any of your locations.  Click on the Reports icon from the Ascend Desktop then click the new AOR toolbar button.  You’ll find the report in the Ordering section.  You can also get to the report from any PC with Internet access through your store’s AOR address .

Information is consolidated for you:  There’s no need to connect to each location to collect the information you need.  It’s done automatically for you.  When you run the report you can select all locations or any combination of your locations to look at.

Decision making data is included:  You need good data to decide the quantity of a product to order.

Excel is your friend:  You can easily view the report on-screen after you run it.  But if you plan to work with it, we recommend you export Excel and use all the tools available to you there to work with the data.

We’ve created a video for you with all the details you need to run and use the report.  Click here to view it.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to Version 2.9, now is the time to join the over 600 locations that already have.  Please contact our Ascend Support Team if you need any assistance.

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