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Autumn Brings New And Improved Work Orders

Believe it or not, Autumn is just around the corner – and the Autumn 2017 version of Ascend is coming with it! Coming next month, Autumn 2017 brings a whole lot of improvements to Work Orders.

Set the schedule: Autumn 2017 brings an updated Work Orders Due screen with Technician Settings. Technician Settings let you create staff schedules and accurately assign tickets based on your technicians’ availability.


Set up the weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule, and then copy information as needed to fill in your calendar in advance. You can even choose to copy partial information – making it easy to enter all holiday and irregular store hours well in advance, without having to worry about entering individual values for the whole week.

Check out the video or read the help documentation to learn more!

Assign the tickets: If you use the Technician Settings to create a schedule, then you can use the Availability Tool to assign tickets to your staff! Select View Availability in a Work Order Detail or the Availability icon on the Work Orders Due screen to open the feature.

Then look for the green boxes that indicate a technician has enough time available on a given day for the ticket.


Visit Ascend University to check out the video, or our help site for the article!

You decide: Ascend won’t automatically make use you Technician Settings and the Availability Tool. You can set how Work Orders are assigned under Options > Sales and Returns > Work Orders > Scheduling. You can keep it By Number (the current format) or update it to By Time (the new format) to give the updated work order scheduling a try.



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