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Back to the Ascend basics

With the busy season right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about seasonal staff. Whether you have returning staff members or brand-new employees, they might need some help with their Ascend basics.

Getting started in AU: When you add new staff members, help them set up an Ascend University (AU) account so they can easily access our training videos. Here’s how to create a new account:

After you log into AU, you can select a specific school of training (Sales, Inventory, and Services) under Training. Each school then has more specific subjects where you can find your training modules. Have your new staff select the subject Getting Started in each area to see sales, services, and inventory videos that target new users.

All in one place: As a manager, you might have specific tasks in mind for your seasonal staff, so you’ll want to know what they’re learning. Check out our Getting Started document to see what is covered in the Getting Started AU videos. Each icon is interactive; click them to watch the videos yourself and see exactly what your staff is learning. Just don’t forget to log into your AU account first!

Other resources: There are a lot of other useful resources your staff should know about as they get started with Ascend. Make sure to:

Reviewing our resources regularly will help make sure you and your staff stay in the Ascend loop! If they have a question about something, there’s a good chance someone else has had it too. So, there’s a good chance the answer is already in a Help topic, an Ascend University video, or ACN conversation.

We need training too: Next week, the Ascend Support line will have special hours to accommodate staff training. The support line will be closed:

Thank you for your patience as we work to keep our skills sharp (so we can better help you and your team!).


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