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Break out the popcorn

On a cold winter day, it’s tempting to just switch on the TV and zone out until spring. But that’s not usually a realistic option! This week, we’re here to help bring a little of that low-key feeling to your workday with three new videos on Ascend University. So grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Sign up for AU: So first things first – you’ll need an Ascend University  account to watch these videos.  If you still need to set up an account, follow these steps:

And that’s it! You’re ready to start watching some awesome training videos.

After you log into AU, you can select a specific school of training (Sales, Inventory, and Services) under Training. Each school then has more specific subjects where you can find your training modules. Start by selecting the subject Getting Started in each area to see sales, services, and inventory videos that target new users.

Don’t stop scanning: Full-store inventory and cycle counts are a great way to stay on top of your inventory year-round. But it can be stressful when you’re all ready to get started, and your scanner doesn’t seem to be communicating with your computer! Luckily, we have just the fix. Check out our new video on troubleshooting the Windows Mobile Device Center.

Almost done with Inventory: After everything has been sectioned off, scanned, and imported into Ascend, there’s just one more step – to solve any inventory discrepancies. And while it’s great that Ascend catches anything “off” during your scanning, you might not be totally prepared to address those issues. We’ve got you covered with this new video where we go over each discrepancy, what it means, and how to resolve it.

Now, this video is a long one, so we’ve added a hidden “easter egg” to help keep you focused! Can you spot it?

Stay special: And finally, special orders are always going to be a part of our lives, so let’s make sure we’re comfortable with them. Once you go through this AU moduleyou’ll be able to easily start the sales process, order the customer’s product, and make checkout a breeze once you’ve received the item.


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