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Bring it in

Things are coming together this week – the Ascend Team for an all staff meeting, cyclists for Ride Across Wisconsin, and important ‘best practice’ information for vendor product imports. Mark the calendar and grab your notebook – you’ll want to write this down!

Limited support: The Ascend support line will be closed from 8:00AM-9:00AM CST on Friday, August 10th for an all-company meeting. Check out our self-help resources for help troubleshooting common issues or procedures in Ascend. Or leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Bring it in: Adding new vendor product spreadsheets to Ascend is easy! But it cause problems in your database when done incorrectly. Vendor product imports should always be done by a single team member who understands the effects it can have on your database.

Avoid inaccurate reporting, problems at checkout, and even data loss by following these steps whenever you’re importing a vendor product spreadsheet into Ascend:

If your shop is a single-store location, make sure to create an Ascend database backup before importing any spreadsheets.

If your shop is part of a multi-store chain, contact your other locations to verify changes if you suspect an issue after importing a spreadsheet.

For more information, check out this topic on the Ascend Knowledge Base.

Need to update existing product prices? Check out this video on Ascend University.

Let’s ride: Ride Across Wisconsin is this weekend! This 175 mile course goes from Dubuque to Kenosha. If you’re not riding, make sure to wish the riders good luck or come out to enjoy the event!



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