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Celebrate with Ascend Bookkeeping!

Sign up for our Bookkeeping services in September 2017 and get up to 6 months FREE! *

You read that right! We have been offering our Ascend Bookkeeping services for over 18 months now, so we’d like to celebrate with a new offer!

As our team is continuing to grow, we are now able to take on lots of new clients; this means we are offering a celebratory special deal – No monthly charge through to March 2018!

I know what you’re thinking; what’s the catch!? Well, there is no catch, just more good news. We have also reviewed our current price list, and we are new offering a new lower monthly fee for those customers whose turnover is below £300,000 per annum.


So, why would you want us to do your books?

We know it can take a lot of effort to produce accurate and timely financials. Even with all the data, it’s not easy to determine action items based on the reports. Are you asking yourself:

Well, we are here to help! Accurate financial statements are critical to your success, and you need that information quickly to act on your results. So, we have Ascend Bookkeeping to help you and your business achieve financial success.

If you’re wondering what else we can offer…


Are you interested?

Contact your Trek Territory Manager or Ascend team today!

If you have any further question or queries, please email Juranda_juctye@trekbikes.com



* Requires commitment to take the service until at least March 2019



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