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Centered on Inventory

Have you made a New Year resolution yet? Start the decade on the right foot by knowing that your Ascend inventory is correct by scheduling a full-store inventory and making a plan for regular Cycle Counts going forward.

We’re here to help: Your inventory is the single most important data point you have for your retail business and it’s accuracy is worth the time and effort. Luckily, Ascend is here to help! With the new Inventory Center in your Ascend database and the even newer EA500 Plus Inventory scanner in your hand, inventory is easier than ever.

While we posted articles on the new inventory process in late 2019, it took a little longer to get our video modules completed. We really appreciated your pateince during this process and are happy to say that your patience has paid off – we just added new inventory modules on Ascend University! Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Prepare for physical inventory
  2. Set up an Inventory Center Event for Inventory or Cycle Counts
  3. Configure the Unitech EA500 Plus inventory scanner for Inventory or Cycle Counts
  4. Scan counts with the EA500 Plus scanner for Physical Inventory or Cycle Counts
  5. Piece counts for Physical Inventory
  6. Solve Inventory Discrepancies 
Coming soon: Stay tuned for a couple more inventory videos in Ascend University! These videos will be posted in the next couple weeks and complete your inventory cycle. In the meantime, make sure to visit the Ascend Knowledge Base for the related articles.
Sign up for Ascend University: If you’re not already signed up for Ascend University, make it your resolution to get in the game! We release new videos regularly and even hold contests for some cool swag throughout the year. If you have a Trek University account, you can even use the same username and password for Ascend University. Just log in on the main screen!
If you do not have a Trek U account, start by selecting Create Account on the main screen. Then follow these steps:

And that’s it! You now have access to Sales, Inventory, and Services videos on Ascend University. Just make sure to save your username and password somewhere you can find it later. 


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