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This time of year, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. So we’ve made this list that you should check twice – and it’ll help keep your holiday season nice! This week we’re preparing for full-store inventory, double-checking our database backups, and marking our calendars for the next version of Ascend.

Limited support this Thursday: The support line will be closed from 5PM-6PM CST on Thursday, November 30th for an all-company outing. Emergency support will be available 6PM-10PM CST, like normal, for issues that prevent you from processing sales. If you have a non-emergency problem, please feel free to submit a support ticket or give us a call back on Friday morning.

Inventory resources: An annual full-store physical inventory is an important way to maintain your inventory and “start the new year fresh.” Luckily, we have a ton of resources to help your inventory go smoothly. Visit the knowledge base to learn about (or get a refresher on!):

More of a visual learner? Don’t worry – we cover all of these topics in Ascend University as well! Just navigate to Training > Inventory > Physical Inventory to view them all.

Inventory scanner rentals: Speaking of inventory, you should take a moment to assess your scanner situation. Do you have enough scanners? Would your staff benefit from a few more on inventory day? Our rental fleet gets picked up fast, so be sure to put in your scanner requests ASAP.

Database backups: Computers can be unpredictable. Severe weather can damage your shop. Viruses can worm their way into your operating system. And sudden power surges or outages can cause your database and/or operating system to become “corrupted” and unusable.

We can get you back up and running quickly in any situation– but only if you have a database backup of your Ascend system.

So make sure you set automatic backups in Ascend. Just click the Options tile on your Ascend Desktop. On the General tab, look for the Scheduled Back Up section in the bottom of the window. Double-check that the Automatically back up database each day box is checked, and choose the time you want the backup process to run.

Then, use the Edit icon to make sure your backups are saved somewhere other than your computer – whether that’s an external drive, a cloud drive, or a networked computer.

Winter 2017 version of Ascend: The next Ascend release is less than a month away – mark your calendars for December 19th, when the Winter 2017 version of Ascend goes out to all our retailers. Plan to set aside some time outside of normal business hours to run the Ascend software update and, if you’re integrated with Chase Paymentech, run the firmware update for your Ingenico payment terminals.

And stay tuned – there’s more information on Winter 2017 coming soon!

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