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We’re all settled after Trek World and we had a great time meeting retailers and listening to your feedback. If you weren’t there (or just couldn’t make it to our seminars), this week we’ll cover best practices to get the most out of your Ascend system.






Recommended Maintenance

Tax-Free Weekends: Does your state or locality have a back-to-school special where sales tax is waived? First, contact your local tax authority to determine whether tax is waived for all products or just certain categories. Then adjust the appropriate rates accordingly (see the Configure the Default Tax Rate help topic for details on removing tax for all products, or the Configure Category Tax Rates help topic for details on removing tax only for specific categories) – just remember to change the rate back when the weekend ends!

Trek Connect Retail Marketing: Did you sign up for the Trek Connect Retail Marketing program at Trek World? Make sure you’ve set up all the necessary coupon codes so you’re ready to go for the entire year – check out our Trek Connect Retail Marketing help topic for details. Check out Dexter for more details on the program, or to sign up now.

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