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December 5, 2014 General, Ordering, Version Updates Eddy

Ascend version 2.12 is less than a week away. When you upgrade, you’ll be able to add comments to sales items. Additionally, any comments added to a special order item will be shared between the sales and order screens.

Have a customer that is taking a portion of their purchase home with them now and coming back for rest? Simply make note of that in the sales item comments field. Just learned of a shipping delay that has pushed back the delivery of an ordered part? Update the comments field in the order and anyone who opens the layaway will be up to speed.

Record Item-specific Requests: Our new comments field allows for more detailed special order tracking. You can now effortlessly:

Start Learning Now: Ascend version 2.12 will be released on December 9th to all retailers, so get ready to hit the ground running and learn how to use this new functions today by watching this short video. Click here for a complete list of Ascend version 2.12 video tutorials.


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