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There are a lot of ways Ascend helps your business run – but the many systems it has to help you communicate is arguably one of the most important. From internal messages, to vendor orders, to SMS and emails, Ascend has you covered! And the September 2020 version of Ascend can help you step up your game even more with the new Multi-Point Inspection checklist.

This season comes with some helpful updates to ecommerce, a new form in Work Orders to help your customer experience, and compatibility with a sleek new payment processing device. So set aside some time (outside of open hours) today to update your machines. Over 50% of retailers worldwide are already on September 2020 and enjoying the new features. Are you one of them?

Elevate your service center communication: The new Work Order Multi-point inspection form was developed in close partnership with the pros at Trek Certified Service and is designed provide customers with an easy to understand view of a bicycle’s diagnostic and service history.

A paper version of this checklist has been in place at Trek retail locations worldwide for over 4 years – and now an easy-to-use, digital version has been integrated directly into your service center workflow in Ascend.

You can create a stand-alone form, that is not attached to any transaction. This is helpful when customers aren’t necessarily bringing in their bicycle for a specific service.

But most of the time, the multi-point inspection is going to be attached to a Work Order. You can find it in a new Inspection tab in the Work Order detail itself.

Multi-point inspection Mechanic View

Each item on the inspection list has three checkbox options:

There’s also a field for notes or other useful information.

Keep your staff in the loop: After you exit an inspection and close the attached transaction (if there is one!), the inspection is attached to a serial number’s history in Ascend, so you can easily find it and review it later.

In a Work Order Detail, simply navigate to the History tab and use the dropdown menu to select the previous multi-point inspection you want to review.

Multi-point inspection History tab icon

To learn more about the Multi-point inspection form in Ascend, check out our latest video on Ascend University or visit the article on the Ascend Knowledge base.

A new option for Ascend HQ reports: The latest Ascend HQ update includes a new Settings tab where you can set up a schedule to have the Category Analysis report delivered to you automatically. This functionality replaces (and enhances!) the existing functionality to send the old Category Health Summary report from Ascend Analytics. Simply head over t0 hq.ascendrms.com and navigate to Settings Scheduled Reports to configure it. Make sure to separate email addresses for delivery with a comma (,) or semicolon (;).

HQ schedule Category Analysis report

Our development team is always adding new features and reports to Ascend HQ, so make sure to regularly set aside some time to enjoy the new details on the website.


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