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Customize Your SMS Defaults

September 3, 2014 Customers, Ordering, Version Updates, Work Orders Luke

Version 2.11 is now available! If you haven’t already, upgrade today and join the hundreds of dealers already taking advantage of Ascend’s new features.

Customize Your SMS Defaults
A few versions back, we added SMS integration to Ascend. (Do you remember which version? We’ll send a small care package to the first person who comments with the correct answer.) Since then, thousands of text messages have been sent through Ascend. Obviously, you love this feature. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could customize the default message? In version 2.11, you can.

Once you’ve upgraded, go to Options -> Services and click the new “SMS Setup” button. From there, you can setup different defaults depending on the origin of the message.  The example below shows the setup for the message generated when a Special Order Item is received.

SMS Setup ScreenCreate your message in the Default Message box. You can (and should!) enhance the message with the Tags listed on the right. Double-click a Tag to insert it into the message. The Tag represents a placeholder for the actual information that will appear in the message. The Message Preview field allows you to preview your message with sample data and make sure you’re staying within the SMS character limit.

Enjoy the Automated Awesomeness
Once you’ve finished your setup, continue to use Ascend as normal and smile each time the message YOU created gets sent out. Here’s an example of how the message we setup above appears in a Purchase Order once a Special Order Item is received.

SMS - Special Order Received











As you can see, the Tags have been replaced with the customer’s first name, the product keyword, the user’s first name and the location name. You also still have the option to edit the message before sending it.

So please, upgrade, customize and enjoy!

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8 responses to “Customize Your SMS Defaults”

  1. Kelly Holmes says:

    To answer the question…Version 2.5!

  2. woogie says:

    Could you format the phone number.
    It just looks better and is easier to read.

  3. Bob Reardon says:

    You left off the * Please Do Not Reply To This Message footer, does that mean our customers can now reply to our SMS messages?

    • Luke Natvig says:

      No, SMS messages are still a one way communication. When you enter the form for the first time to setup your default messages, “*Please do not reply to this message” will be there since that is what is sent today. You can leave or modify that message as you wish.

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