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Data is King

July 22, 2015 Customers, General, Marketing, Sales Eddy

Whenever we talk about the integrity of your database information, we’re regularly referring to inventory data. But, your Ascend system is capable of maintaining tabs on much more than the number of skis you have in stock or how many shoes you may have sold. All you have to do is make sure you’re capturing relevant information at the time of sale.

Don’t Sell to Ghosts: You’re prompted to select a customer just before you begin any sale, so why skip it? If you’re checking out a new visitor, take the extra minute to collect contact information and enjoy:

Trust, but Verify: If you’re checking out an existing customer, make sure to verify their information. They may have moved or updated their email address and you want to make sure any communication you’re sending them is getting to the right person. It only takes a few seconds to ask for:

You can even fill in birthday information and indicate whether a customer is a Trek Card holder or not – making checkout just a bit more personal!

Make It a Team Effort: If you want to have the data, you need a team that can produce it. Customer data is only as good as its capture rate and if you aren’t actively filling out customer record information, you’re losing a big opportunity to properly categorize patrons within your database – which is essential for accurate reporting. So, get your team involved and on the same page regarding the importance of clean and accurate customer data.

Update Today: The Summer 2015 version of Ascend is now available to all retailers, so take a few minutes and update your workstations today! Need more info? Click here to view the release notes or visit Ascend University on Vimeo to watch short video tutorials showcasing our latest features.

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