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Data Powers Your Business

This week is all about data: we’ve got a new Ascend University video module for you and a couple reminders regarding inventory scanners.

Data is Good: Whether you’re dealing with inventory numbers, sales metrics, or customer information, I think we can all agree that having accurate data is always a good thing. But it shouldn’t be a hassle to collect or correct.

This week, Trek’s Amanda Schulze sits down with our very own Travis Grant to explain the importance of having accurate gender data and the ways in which your team can make sure you’re taking full advantage of your retail management system.

Click here to complete the module now.

Inventory King: Usually, we reserve the “inventory king” moniker for our retail champs, but the MC2180 is capable of slaying any inventory dragon you might have at your shop and it’s your last chance to pick one up at a discount, so we figure it works in this case. Act before February 1st to get a brand new Motorala MC2180 for just $1050 and enjoy:

And since all hardware purchased through Ascend is billed right to your Trek account, it qualifies for TCG payment terms. Email sales@ascendrms.com with any questions or to take advantage of this offer today!

Rentals Available: If you’re interested in performing cycle counts or getting ready for the year’s first full store inventory, but don’t have enough inventory scanners to go around – give us a call!

We’ve still got some devices available for rent that can help you cut down on scanning time. It also couldn’t be easier to set up. All you have to do is:

  1. Determine the date(s) you will be scanning. Shipping usually takes a few business days, so keep this in mind when selecting dates to accommodate shipping and receiving. But don’t worry: the timer doesn’t start until the scanners arrive!
  2. Figure our how many units you’ll need.
    • If you are requesting between 1-3 scanners, the rental cost is $80/unit/day.
    • If you are requesting 4 or more scanners, the rental cost is $65/unit/day.
  3. Contact us to schedule your rental! Give us a call at 877 875 8663 or email us at help@ascendrms.comSupply is limited, so make sure to schedule out your equipment in advance to ensure availability.

Now what are you waiting for? Start improving your data today.

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