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Decked Out Desktop

February 10, 2015 Ascend Analytics, Version Updates Eddy

Our march towards the release of the Spring 2015 version of Ascend continues and this week we’re focusing on the updates we’ve made to the desktop. While we touched on a few of the customization options in last week’s blog, there were a few important additions we didn’t mention.

Desktop on Lock: We’ve recently implemented a small, but effective way to make sure your sales and transactions remain hidden from prying eyes. Instead of requiring a manual logout, users can now be logged out of the program from the desktop after a specific time of inactivity. But don’t worry, the automatic logout function is only active while on the desktop to ensure product searches and order screens stay visible while in use. Safely:

New Shortcuts: The updated interface of the Spring 2015 release also gave us a chance to make a few additions to the desktop shortcuts you see upon logging into Ascend. We’ve included about a dozen new tiles to help make regular tasks easier and faster. And remember: tiles can be hidden, reordered, resized, and even recolored to fit your needs. Some of the new tiles joining the club are:

Context is Key: With so many customization options for the new desktop, we wanted to give you a quick and easy way to make your design choices. So, we’ve built a new context menu that you can access by right clicking on your desktop. Quickly:

Get Ready: The Spring 2015 version of Ascend will be available for download to Early Release retailers next week before heading to all retailers in early March, so make sure to keep checking back for more tips on how to use its newest features. You can also prepare your system now by upgrading to version 2.12 which brought customer groups, an updated category mapper, and a new Sales Item comments field.

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