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Do You Have a Reservation?

September 10, 2015 Reservations, Version Updates Eddy

The Fall 2015 version of Ascend is coming next week and it’s bringing quite a bit to the party! You can look forward to capturing customer data with ease using the new Driver License Scanning feature and the End of Season Sales are going to be breeze with Ascend’s updated coupon functionality. It’ll be ready for download next Tuesday. For now, let’s check out the other thing coming with Fall 2015: Reservations!

With Reservations, our goal was to make it even easier for you to run your business with Ascend. Instead of relying on outdated third-party software, pen and paper, or that Google Doc that keeps reverting to last week’s schedule, Reservations in Ascend can handle everything from fleet management to scheduling to the final sale – all within a single workflow.

Build Away: Once you upgrade, the first thing you want to do is start building Collections. These are where your Rental Units are going to live. Collections makes it easy to group similar products and will eventually support various types (if you’d like to teach a class, for example) and multiple rates (looking at you, Weekly Rental).

Track With Ease: After you’ve got a Collection you can start creating your fleet. Track everything from helmets and ski poles to jet skis and mountain bikes. Ascend makes it easy to keep a cost record, temporarily take Rental Units out of service, and has no problem with serialized inventory. You can even create your own trackable SKUs and attach comments to specific products.

Forget About Paper: With the Fall 2015 version of Ascend, you can schedule your rentals (or classes! Soon…) within Calendar. Calendar has the ability to display fleet availability by Collection or Rental Unit. It can also show you which Units are out of service, when they’re expected to become available, how many Units are reserved on specific days, and has this cool drag-and-drop function that makes choosing dates kinda fun.

You can see a few short videos about Reservations and the new Coupon function by clicking here. But you won’t have access to any of it if you don’t update. Fall 2015 will be ready for download on September 15th to all retailers. Updating your workstations is quick, painless, and if you get stuck, the Ascend Support Team is just a call away.

And if you’re visiting Interbike next week, stop by booth #10018. We’ll have some new scanners and payment terminals ready for order. And we’ll be available to guide you through the updates – need I say more?

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