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Don’t Lose Access

January 25, 2017 Ascend Help, Inventory, Products, Sales, Workstations Eddy

This week learn how you can request a login for our updated website, get the help you need to make the most our of your system, and ensure you’re staying updated with the latest version of Ascend.

Don’t Lose Access: Starting February 20th, ascendrms.com visitors will need an account to access the Retailer Portal. After February 20th, visitors without an account will be unable to login to the website. Up to two (2) accounts per retail location may be registered. If you need more, please let us know by clicking here to send us an email.

Request access today and ensure you keep receiving vendor updates, system installation files, hardware drivers and more.

Stay with the Times: We release four new versions of Ascend full of great features every year. These generally come out in March, June, September, and December, so plan ahead so that you can update soon after release. The farther behind you get on updates, the longer the update will take and the larger your staff’s learning curve will be .

Don’t have any updates available past Winter 2015? It’s likely your store(s) still need to sign the End-to-End Encryption Addendum with Chase Paymentech™ in order to process EMV payments. Fill out our EMV Encryption Setup form to get started!

Keep on Counting: Who loves inventory? We do! But we’re guessing . But we all know that it’s an integral part of a retail business, and you just can’t get around that. As much as we’d all like to ignore it as long as possible and only deal with it once a year, that only makes it all the more painful. Scheduling Cycle Counts throughout the year will help you find and fix discrepancies early on, and will make it easier to determine whether staff processes need adjustment.

Need Some Extra Help? While Ascend University and our online help cover just about anything you need to do in Ascend and the Support Team are aces at answering your questions, we know that sometimes you just need a little one-on-one time. We can create a customized training plan to fit both your budget and your staff’s needs  contact our Sales Team at 877-875-8663 Option 3 or email sales@ascendrms.com to have them put together a quote.

Having trouble keeping up with your books? Contact our Retail Accountants at 877-875-8663 Option 2 or email accounting@ascendrms.com to learn more about Ascend Bookkeeping Services.

Last Chance to Save: You only have a few more days to get the Motorola MC2180 inventory scanner or the Zebra ZD410 Ethernet (network) label printer for 10% off their regular price. That’s just $1035 ($1325 CAD) for the MC2180 and $360 ($461 CAD) for the ZD410 (Ethernet model only).

And with purchases over $1500 coming with 12 months of interest-free financing, there’s no reason to wait! Email sales@ascendrms.com to upgrade now.

We also have an extremely limited supply of refurbished hardware for up to 50% off – call the Support Team at 877-875-8663 for current availability.


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