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Become a Checkout Pro

February 17, 2016 General, Hardware, Integration, Payment Processing, Sales Eddy

This week we’re focusing on Ingenico devices: how you can prepare for EMV processing, what you can do to spruce up your checkout lanes, and how we can help take your look from retail rookie to sales pro.

Payment Processing Prep: We’re in the final stretch! This week, we’re on track to complete the certification process with two of the four major credit card brands and we’re making good progress with the others. You should be seeing something from us soon to let you know Ascend is ready to handle EMV payments. The question is: will you be ready?

In order to beginning processing payments with the updated standard, please ensure that you have end-to-end encryption enabled on your Chase Paymentech™ account. All you have to do is send an email to patty.adkisson@chase.com with the following information:

  • Email Subject: Encryption – Store Name (DBA as registered with Chase Paymentech™) – Merchant Account Number (e.g. Encryption – Trek Store of Waterloo – 5094514232)
  • Email Body: Retailer Contact Name, Email, Phone Number, and Business Name (e.g. Tenzing – tenzing_support@ascendrms.com – 877 875 8663 – The Summit)

You should receive a response from Chase’s Client Resolution Team within three business days with instructions on how to complete the process.

You’ll also need to arm yourself with an updated payment terminal. So, if you’ve putting off purchasing the Ingenico iSC 250, now’s your chance to place your hardware order in time for the switch.

And please keep in mind: EMV processing is still not available. However, even when we are ready, you won’t be able to update until the steps above have been completed. If you’d like to learn a little more about EMV payments, head here for 8 FAQs and their answers.

Get Creative: With the Winter 2015 version of Ascend and an updated payment terminal, you can personalize your checkout experience by uploading custom logos or upcoming sale promos right to your Ingenico iSC Touch 250 terminals.

All you need are images sized to 480 x 272 pixels. You can get a template for image sizes in the Dealer Portal under Payment Processing in Downloads. Once you have your image(s) prepared, loading them to your device is a breeze. Just head to Ascend and go to Options > Payment Processing > Pinpad Setup > Open Images Folder. Now, drop your images into the first folder that pops up and click Send Images to Device to begin the upload. You fit up to 30 individual images that your terminal will cycle through in alphabetical order based on the image name.

Don’t have one yet? Contact our Support Team for more information or shoot an email to our Sales Team at sales@ascendrms.com to order yours today.

Have updated terminals, but need some technical or creative help? We’ve got you covered with our Payment Terminal Compatibility and Creative services. Whether it’s ensuring proper image sizes or creating custom ads for your payment terminals, our team can help you get the most out of your hardware investment. For more information or for a custom quote, click here to send us an email.

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4 responses to “Become a Checkout Pro”

  1. Katherine White says:

    When will EMV be available for Canadian dealers? We want to check out like pros too.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Unfortunately, there are some other legal issues with getting EMV working for Canada. We are still looking into it; however, it likely won’t be this year. Stay tuned for more info!

  2. Bill McEnery says:

    If we go through the process of setting up the end-to-end encryption, and still have some workstations w/the original magnetic readers (card swipers), will they work? Or, will the ICS250 be the only thing that can take a credit card?

    • CJ Edwards says:

      Hi Bill, this is your friendly neighborhood support tech here.

      I know that this whole process can be a bit confusing, so I will try my best to make it less so. The goal of EMV processing is to better protect both you, as the retailer, and your customers. The new credit and debit cards with chips in them and the iSC250 are the tools used to accomplish this safer processing.

      When you set up the end-to-end encryption, you will still be able to use your old card swipers, but they will not have this increased protection. Due to this fact, if a fraudulent charge is made on one of the swipers, the store would then be held liable. So, while the old card swipers will work, they will not offer any extra protection to you or your customers.

      I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

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