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Fall 2015 is Here

The leaves are changing colors and with the new season comes an updated version of your favorite retail management system. The Fall 2015 version of Ascend includes driver license scanning, a new coupon process, and reservations!

Start taking advantage of all the new features beginning on September 16th by downloading it straight from the Ascend Desktop. Not really sure of the changes you can expect? Read on to learn more or click here for a short video explaining the update.

More Icons: You’ve asked for them and we keep listening. With this update you’ll get brand new desktop icons for:

Quick & Easy Customer Data Capture: If you have an updated scanner, you can now scan a Driver License when adding or editing a Customer Record. A single click of your handheld captures:

Simplified Checkout: Regardless of what scanner you’re using, it’s now easier to add serialized products to the Sales screen. Instead of scanning your product and having to choose a serial number, you can now:

Updated Coupon Functionality: Coupons are now easier to setup, use, and track. With Ascend’s new coupon functionality, you’ll now be able to:

Active Case Quantities: Just like we promised, we’ve put the finishing touches on Case Quantities. Enjoy:

Reservations: Whether you rent bikes, skis, or ATVs, put your fleet to use with this new feature. Once you make the jump to the Fall 2015 version, you’ll be able to:

There’s much more packed into the latest version of Ascend, but we don’t have space for all the details here. To learn more about these and all other updates waiting for you with the Fall 2015 version of Ascend, go read our release notes, watch the short videos we’ve made, and follow us on the Ascend Customer Network. Then, update!

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6 responses to “Fall 2015 is Here”

  1. Caryl Harris says:

    Just updated, but was wondering when the new scanners will arrive. Thanks.

    • Eddy Cevilla says:


      It depends on when you ordered them, but most have already shipped and should be reaching retail locations by weeks end. Any orders placed last week are currently on backorder through about Wednesday of next week.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Jeff Lucido says:

    Looks like there are some great features in the new version. We are excited to be able to try them soon. One issue though, in Texas we are not allowed to scan the magnetic strip of a drivers license in order to retain the information. Seems counter intuitive but the law reads as follows (which is a further extension of the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (DPPA):

    “Consistent with this statutory scheme governing magnetic strips, the DPS has promulgated a rule providing that the information contained on the magnetic strip of a driver’s license “includes only the information on the face of the license and the physical description of the licensee” and limiting access to magnetic strip information as follows:

    Except for purposes of complying with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code or a rule adopted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which includes but is not limited to preventing the purchase of alcoholic beverages by minors and complying with TABC record keeping rules regarding private club membership, only law enforcement and governmental agency personnel acting in their official capacity can utilize the information provided in this format.”

    This is based on a 2002 opinion piece by the Texas Attorney General. Again, makes no sense but may be something to look into to make sure your application is compliant. (https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/opinions/opinions/49cornyn/op/2002/htm/jc0499.htm)

    • Eddy Cevilla says:

      Thanks for sharing! Local and state regulations were considerations when developing this feature, but because local restrictions often vary even within the same state, we always encourage users to review relevant laws before using any updated features.

      In relation to this feature specifically, however, I should point out that Ascend does not obtain any information from the magnetic stripe on IDs. Captured customer data is being obtained by users scanning customer ID barcodes with capable scanners, not by swiping IDs through a magstripe reader. It seems the law you cite is specific to the data contained on the magnetic stripe.

  3. Just uploaded fall 2015 update on server and cash machine. Both machines show “reservation” in DB Explorer but no drop-down menu appears to select collections. Also the cash machine does not show reports. The report window is narrow and wraps the words and columns. Let me know what the fixes are.

    Thank you

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