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UPDATED: From the Desk of the GM

December 11, 2015 Payment Processing Mark

UPDATE: 12/16/2015 9:00AM CDT
We’ve become aware of some retailers experiencing issues when contacting Chase Paymentech regarding the addendum mentioned below.

We’ve taken additional measures to ensure that they are aware of your calls and expect those issues to have been resolved. If you call and continue to experience problems with the Chase representative, we ask that you make note of their name and give us a call so that we may further assist you.

We appreciate your patience as we work to help Chase prepare all the necessary documents that will ensure uninterrupted access to payment processing. Thank you!

Original Post: 12/11/2015

As we end 2015, I ask you to do three things this month:

  1. Buy new credit card terminals: Whether or not you use our integrated processing, you should buy new terminals.  With the introduction of Chip & PIN cards, you need terminals that can accept them and provide point-to-point encryption.  The Target credit card breach two years ago taught us that if credit card data is exposed in any way, hackers will find a way to get it.  Updated terminals will also allow you to benefit from new display technology and more powerful hardware that has the capability to accept near field payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.  While we’re awaiting final certification for the chip readers on our new terminals there are a few things you should do:
    • Place your orders: There’s a high demand for the new terminals.  If you don’t have yours yet, contact our Support Team now so you’ll have them by early next year.
    • Call Chase Paymentech to update your account:  You’ll need to sign an addendum to your account agreement as there will be a 2.5 cent surcharge per transaction for the new security.  Call Paymentech’s customer service team at  1-888-886-8869, and select option 4.  The person calling must be listed as an account contact and provide your merchant number. Tell the representative you need to activate the encryption service to Ascend.
    • Take advantage of the new features:  With our Winter 2015 update, the new terminals put the card swiping process in your customers’ hands.  They’ll also support scrolling digital images to help you promote products, services and upcoming sales or store events.
  2. Upgrade to Winter 2015: As you know, we’re committed to continuously improve Ascend for you.  We released our latest quarterly update earlier this week.   We always seek to tackle big projects, but not forget about the little things either.  For this update our big focus was on Work Orders.  You can now create one transaction that links to multiple work orders.  So when a family comes in with all their bikes, you can combine them all from the start and send them off with one single payment when they’re done.  There are many more improvements to work orders that you’ll want to check out.  We’ve also made a number of small changes that will have a big impact.  For example, you can now choose “Cost Plus Percentage” as a discount method when creating an On Sale.  This will come in handy when creating discounts for your employees.  For an overview of everything we’ve done, check out our summary video.  For the complete details, read our release notes.
  3. Go to Ascend University: We want you to use all the features in Ascend and to use them well.  To help, we’ve launched Ascend University.  Like Trek University, we have a host of video training modules and quizzes.  If you already have a Trek University account, it will work for Ascend U too.  Accounts for online schools of Shimano, Thule, Saris, Nordica and Tecblizz will also work.  If you don’t have any of those, just follow the links to request a new account.  You can look forward to seeing more modules and quizzes added in the coming months.  Go to http://ascend.university to get started!

We’re completing our 12th year in business. Thank you for being part of our team.  We live to serve retailers like you, and we appreciate you putting your trust in us.  We look forward to providing you the Best System and Best Support in 2016.

Thank You!

Mark Hoggatt
General Manager


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