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Fuel Your Marketing Program

February 13, 2014 Customers, Sales, Version Updates Mark

Customer data is the lifeblood of your marketing program.  To drive customers back into your stores,  you need to be able to contact them.  To target them with specific messages, you need to know what they purchased.  In Version 2.9, we’re introducing a new Customer Panel to help collect more data and fuel your marketing program.

Easy to Add Customers:

We recommend you configure Ascend to prompt for a customer whenever you start a transaction.  If you don’t add one right away, the new Customer Panel makes it easy to add one.  Simply click the Select a Customer link in the panel and you’ll be taken to Select Customer window.


Spot & Update Missing Data:

For every customer, you want to collect as much information as possible.  Get their mailing address and email address.  Get their mobile number and their birthday and make sure to record their gender as well.  All of this will help you to communicate with them later on.  When any of this information is missing from your system, the Customer Panel will highlight it for you.  To update it, click their name and you’ll be taken directly to the customer record window to make your changes.


But wait, there’s more!

As a bonus, we’ve added a phone type list for customer numbers.  You can now specify if the phone number they’ve given you is a Home, Mobile, Work, Fax or Other type of number.  When you upgrade to Version 2.9, any phone number that has the SMS box checked will be automatically assigned the Mobile type.  This is required to be able to send an SMS message to it from Ascend.  All other numbers will not have a type automatically assigned.

To get the new Customer Panel, you need to upgrade to Ascend Version 2.9.  Version 2.9 will be available for early release on February 18th.  It will be available for everyone on March 18th.  If you’d like to be part of our early release group, contact your Ascend Support Team at help@ascendrms.com for more details.

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4 responses to “Fuel Your Marketing Program”

  1. aok says:

    Looking forward to the updates

    however it would be nice to be able to change customer associations for a transaction- sometimes a transaction gets saved under an incorrect customer and we have no way to fix it. thanks.

    • Mark Hoggatt says:

      I have heard that request before. However, I did a search on our UserVoice ideas forum and didn’t find it. Please go ahead and submit that as an idea when you have a moment. If you need any assistance with that, contact our Ascend Support Team. We don’t have plans at this time to make this change.

  2. KC Hazelwood says:

    I believe we are signed up for early release. Can you verify that? Trek Bike Store of Mount Pleasant.

    Sincerest thanks,

    KC Hazelwood

    • Mark Hoggatt says:

      KC, I checked and your store is flagged to get the early release of Version 2.9. Watch for the update message in your Alerts & Reminders panel late Tuesday night (2/18).

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