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Summer is in full swing! Say ‘hello’ to the July 2019 version of Ascend as you say ‘goodbye’ to the month of July. Update today for integrated outage notices and the option to work offline, and get caught up on your Ascend University videos to win some cool prizes.

Update today: The July 2019 version of Ascend is available now! Over 50% of our retailers world-wide have already upgraded. Have you? 

If not, check out the July release video and then set aside some time outside of business hours to update to the latest and greatest version

Handling outages: Ascend is a hybrid retail management system – which means that while an internet connection is not strictly necessary to use the program, many functions use “cloud” services for communication with our servers and services. Unfortunately, even in today’s tech-connected world,  internet connections can go out or online services can fail unexpectedly.

In the July 2019 version of Ascend, we’ve integrated notices directly into the program to notify users when there’s a problem connecting to any of the Ascend Online Services (whether it’s due to an issue with your internet connection or an issue with the service itself). You can then choose to enter Offline mode so the outage doesn’t slow down your ability to take care of your customers. While offline, Ascend will automatically try to reconnect to services every 5 minutes.

Learn more at the Knowledge Base.

Ascend University contest: Take some time to catch up on your Ascend retail Sherpa status and get entered  in our latest contest! Finish each module from all four schools by 11:59 PM CST on August 31st, 2019 and be entered to win an Amazon Echo Show.

Get all the contest details.


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