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Get Down with the DM

We aren’t talkin’ Snapchat, but Ascend does give you the power to directly contact your customers on their mobile phones using SMS. Read on to learn how to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your system services. Plus, we’ve got some information on the 2016 Trek Summer Sale.

Start with the Data: Before you can start shooting off text messages from your workstation, you’ll need to have phone numbers for your customers. The easiest way to collect customer data is by taking advantage of some new hardware that you might already own! Using the Motorola DS4308-DL or DS6878-DL scanners, you can quickly and easily capture a customer’s full name, street address, state, zip code, birthday, and gender without having to type it all out line by line.

What does this mean for you? Better data, faster checkout, shorter lines, and happy customers. And if you’re participating in the Trek Connect Retail Marketing Program, these updated scanners provide you with a foolproof way to ensure you have the right data when you need it to help your business grow.

Don’t have an updated scanner yet? You’re in luck – for the month of July you can pick up the corded or cordless version at a discount! Click here to contact our Sales Team and order yours today.

Build Your Templates: While you can write custom messages to send to individual customers, Ascend makes it easy to create message templates for quickly notifying customers regarding special orders, work orders, and you even have the option of creating a default message for contacting customers through the Customer Record window.

To access your templates simply head to Options > Services > SMS Setup and use the tags to help create your detail message. You can navigate between the three defaults using the tabs just below your SMS number and a preview of our message will display near the bottom of the window.

Just remember: there’s a character limit on all messages of 160 characters and messaging is outgoing only – meaning that customers will not be able to reply to your message.

Seeing a “NOT ACTIVE” message where your number should be? Give our Support Team a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to get your account set up for SMS messaging.

Message Your Customers Directly: Once you have the data and the defaults, you can start messaging your customers! Ascend will automatically prompt you to message a customers regarding special order and work order updates for customers with a valid mobile number, but you can also initiate a message by accessing the Customer Record and selecting the SMS icon next to their mobile number. The default message will populate the message window, but you can easily overwrite it if necessary.

Trek Summer Sale: Did you know you can update your pricing for the Trek Summer Sale with just a few clicks? From the Ascend Desktop go to Integration > Trek > Sale Wizard. From there you can select both the P&A and the Bike sales and download them right into your database. The wizard will update pricing for eligible items and will enable the correct end date without any further action from you.

Have an Ingenico iSC 250? Click here to download a free Summer Sale promo image to display on your device.

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