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Winter may not want to let go just yet, but the signs of spring are marching forward!

Spring fling: The Spring 2018 version of Ascend was released on March 20. And after just three weeks, over 76% of our global users have already updated! If you haven’t joined them yet, mark your calendar and set aside some time outside of your normal business hours to get upgraded. Check out the release notes and/or overview video to see what you’re missing!

Bet on beta: Want to jump ahead to summer already? We’re recruiting new retailers for our beta program! We need users just like you to test and give feedback on new and improved features in the software.

There is always one “master” beta version that all beta retailers receive. For some releases, we may have other concurrent “tracks” where you can choose whether or not you receive access to a larger feature we’re testing out – for example, in the June 2018 beta program, you can choose whether or not you want to test out our revamped reservations process.

Is the beta program for everyone? Truthfully, probably not. While you get early access to great new features, it also means you might come across new bugs that our in-house testing just didn’t find. This means you (and your employees) will need to be extra-patient with the software – and will need to pay extra-close attention to the situation surrounding the bug so that we can really dig into it to find the cause.

Beta retailers also receive an update around once per month. Just like a regular update, this should be done outside of business hours, and could require up to 15 minutes per computer (depending on the update). You’ll also need to ensure your computers and peripherals all meet our minimum requirements, be vigilant in your backup strategies, participate on the Ascend Customer Network (Yammer), thoroughly read the release notes, and keep on top of your Sherpa status.

Still in? We’d love to have you – sign up today!

Wrapping up Trek Fest: Trek Fest 2018 ended on April 8, so now it’s time to submit for your rebates. We have two queries available for you to run and send to Trek Customer Care – no forms required! However, rebate reports are due to Trek no later than April 21, so act fast.

Trek Fest 2018 Bikes Sold returns sales which were created during Trek Fest (March 29-April 8) for any product in a “bikes” or “bicycles” category which has a vendor of “Trek Bicycle Corporation” and which has a regular price (MSRP in your system) greater than $299.99. Electra bikes are not included. Layaways are included, but a customer AND a serial number are required in order to receive a rebate for the bike sale.

Trek Fest 2018 Accessories Sold returns sales which were created during Trek Fest (March 29-April 8) for any eligible Bontrager P&A product which has a vendor of “Trek Bicycle Corporation”. There are separate queries for the US and Canada, so make sure you grab the correct version for your country! Layaways and work orders are included.

If you already ran the accessories query, you may have noticed a much smaller set of results than you expected – the original version inadvertently required a customer on all sales. We’ve adjusted this now – so grab the current version, compare with your original results, and re-submit as necessary.

Expo sales: Over the weekend, we assisted a large, local retailer with a four-day expo sale. Now we have a surplus of brand-new hardware, including workstation computers – and we’re offering you 5% off of their normal retail price. Quantities are limited and are on a first-come-first-served basis, so place your order today!

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