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Goodbye, 2016!

This year brought a lot with it – including some nifty updates to your retail management system. Read on to learn about how to best wrap up 2016 and make sure to review our holiday hours.

  1. Backup: All versions of Ascend since Summer 2015 allow you to schedule your nightly backups. However, your end-of-the-year backup is one you may want to save for the long term. Make sure you store your December 31st backup in a safe place so it isn’t accidentally deleted!
  2. Review: Print your Inventory by Category Summary and Customer Liability Summary reports at the end of the day on December 31st. Hold on to those reports – you will want them when tax season rolls in! This is also a good time to check your Work Orders, Layaways and Quotes to clean up old or inaccurate transactions.
  3. Inventory: If you haven’t already completed a Physical Inventory (and printed a hard copy of the results), do it soon and start 2017 fresh! No time? Review and clean up your Negative Inventory report at a minimum.
  4. Order: We work hard to provide you with the Best System and Best Support. That’s why you can order hardware and supplies directly from us and get a fabulous warranty! Interested? Email our Sales team at sales@ascendrms.com. You can also place an order today in the Ascend Desktop by clicking on the Order Supplies icon.

Does your shop integrate QuickBooks with Ascend? Great! You have a little more work to do – but we promise it’ll be worth it.

  1. Verify: Look over your QuickBooks sales and cost of goods sold values. Compare the QuickBooks Profit & Loss report to the Ascend Activity Summary. Ensure Accounts Payable is accurate. Remember – you can download Trek invoices from Dexter to import into QuickBooks.
  2. Audit: Review your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports.
  3. Balance: Reconcile your Bank and Credit Card accounts.

Holiday Support Hours: There will be support via our Emergency Line on Friday, December 30th and Saturday, December 31st. There will be no support on Sunday, January 1st. And there will be support via the Emergency Line on Monday, January 2nd. Emergency Support hours are from 8am-5pm CST.

Need more help? Contact Ascend Support or email our on-staff QuickBooks ProAdvisors at accounting@ascendrms.com with your accounting questions.

And Happy New Year from all of us at Ascend!


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