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Grab your sunglasses

Memorial day is just around the corner in the US – signaling the end of a rainy spring and the beginning of a (hopefully!) sunny summer season. We have a couple items to add to your calendar: our holiday hours next week and the upcoming Summer Ascend release.

Limited support hours: Next Monday (May 29th) is Memorial Day and we’ll be closing down the phones to bring out the sunglasses, grills, and drinks!

However, our Emergency Support line will be available from 8AM-5PM CST on Monday, May 29th to help out with any emergency situations that pop up. Just call the normal number to leave a message with your name, the name of your shop, the best phone number to reach you at, and the emergency.

We’ll call you back ASAP. Since support is limited, there may be a slight delay if our emergency support tech is currently in another call. 

Summer is coming: The Summer 2017 version of Ascend will be available to all retailers on Tuesday, June 6th. Make sure to write it down because you won’t want to miss this. Summer brings:

Check out the Summer 2017 Overview video (below) to see what’s coming, or read the release notes to get the full details before summer lands!

Get in the know: We’ve created a new way to know when anything Ascend is down! Get text messages sent right to your mobile phone when Ascend is experiencing issues – whether that’s for Ascend Online Reports, Ascend Analytics, Ecommerce, and more.

Just text Follow AscendStatus to 40404 to receive updates. If you’re outside the US, find your country’s short code here.

One last chance for May deals: We’re almost completely out of show hardware. If you’re still hoping to catch that great discount, there’s a corded DS4308 barcode scanner – capable of scanning driver’s licenses – with your name on it! The month (and the deal) is almost over, so place your order today.


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