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Happy Birthday, Ascend!

The times they are a’changing! It’s the beginning of the busy season for retailers, and we’re making some changes to get you through it with ease. The summer update is being released on July 23rd and we’ve changed our future update schedule to better fit your schedule. There are also some cool new upgrades to Ascend University to help you and your staff reach Retail Sherpa status even faster.

Update your calendar: Your quarterly Ascend updates are moving to a new schedule that will better accommodate many retailers’ calendars. The expected June 2019 version of Ascend was delayed a month to address a recent outage and, based on retailer feedback, we have decided to keep an adjusted schedule for future releases to better accommodate you.
Here’s how the next year looks:
Happy Birthday, Ascend: 15 years ago in 2004 Facebook launched, the final episode of Friends aired, and… Trek bought Ascend! Last week, we had staff from every Ascend office across the globe visit Waterloo to celebrate this major milestone and attend onsite sessions for cool upcoming features, cross-training, and more.
Ascend is now live in ten countries including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and Japan. Our staff enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce about how far Ascend has come these last 15 years and to continue planning towards the future. Stay tuned for more great features and updates!


Update in education: If you’ve used Ascend University recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes. We upgraded the site to make it easier: you can now search for specific modules, check your progress by school in the main menu, see the latest news at the top of the screen, and customize your streaming settings to help you reach Sherpa status from anywhere – regardless of your internet speeds.


We’ve also added a Basics school that will include must-see modules for new staff  and new users to Ascend. Visit us and check out the upgrades.


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