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Happy Birthday Version 2

March 20, 2012 General, Version Updates Mark

One year ago this week we introduced Ascend Version 2. On the surface, it wasn’t a big change.  At the last Trek World  I joked that the main comments we heard were “It’s pretty much the same as Version 1” and “It’s slower”.  While it wasn’t readily apparent, much had changed. We had completely migrated Ascend to a new programming language and a new technology platform. We had completely transformed our development team.

With this transformation we set out to do two things. First, we wanted to become a consistent deliverer of software improvements. Second, we wanted to become a consistent communicator to you.

With the release of Version 2.3 today, we have delivered our 3rd major update of Version 2 on the scheduled date. Every two weeks, we release an update to our beta dealers. In the last month of every quarter we release an update to everyone.  It’s something that everyone on the Ascend Team is committed to. It’s something that you can rely on.  It’s a march that we will continue to walk to bring you more Version 2 updates and to deliver our next major upgrade, Version 3.

Today’s blog is our 17th consecutive weekly update.  We’re adding features that will have an immediate benefit to your businesses.  We need to make sure you’re aware of them.  We will continue to use this blog as a way to keep you up to date.  We also have a new website in the works to act as a central communications point for you.  Watch this blog for more details.

Thank you, as always, for working with us to provide the “Best System” with the “Best Support”.  Here’s to another great year ahead of us!


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