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Have yourself a merry little rebate

December is roaring in with a TCRM rebate, an incoming update, and seasonal shenanigans. In between all that holiday planning, take some time to make sure you and your staff are on top of your online security by reviewing our Ascend and online best practices and tips.

Get your rebate: The Trek Connect Retail Marketing Black Friday sale is over, but there’s still time to get your rebates for it! If you participated in this promotion, all you have to do is run the Trek Black Friday 2018 Bikes Sold query for the promotion and email your results to trek-salesservices@trekbikes.com before the due date to get credit. Query results are due on Friday, December 14th.

Learn more about TCRM promotions here. And for more information on how to run a custom query like this one, check out this article.

Incoming update: The December 2018 version of Ascend is just around the corner! Coming to a workstation near you on Tuesday, December 18th, the newest version of Ascend brings you updates to customer records, reservations, and multistore transfers.

In the customer record, you can now mark if the customer declined to give their email address, and use a star to indicate their preferred method of contact. You can also select their preferred language. The available options for language are region-specific. 


Stay tuned for more information on the December 2018 version of Ascend as we get closer to the 18th!

Stay safe this season: The end of the year and the holiday season might be a great time for discounts, deals, and contests – but make sure you know what you’re signing up for! Computer security is extremely important when it comes to your personal information, your shop information, and your computer’s functionality. Here’s a few of our suggestions to help you avoid viruses and scams this season.

  1. Keep things updated. Many of updates are there to address security concerns and protect your data, so set aside some time to get on the latest version.
  2. Use strong passwords. Really strong passwords typically have a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. If possible, update your passwords every few months, or with staff changes.
  3. Block pop-ups. Double check that you’re using a pop-up blocker when you’re online. Most web browsers come with one. 
  4. Don’t open suspicious emails or click unexpected download prompts. When you do download something, you should read through the installation processes to make sure nothing “extra” is being installed on your computer.

And, in case anything happens to your server computer, make sure your nightly database backups are being saved off-site. Your Ascend database backups are the only way to retrieve your sales history and retail data if your server ever crashes or becomes compromised. Choose a secondary location for your backups to ensure you have access to your data in case of hard drive failure, flood, fire, or theft. Luckily, we make it really easy to save your backups almost anywhere!

For more information on computer security, check out this video on Ascend University.


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