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UPDATED: Here comes the sun

UPDATE: 4/20/18 4:30 PM CST

Four products were inadvertently missed in the Trek Update files. We have now added these products to both the vendor files and the Labels to print query.

UPC Part Number Description MSRP ADVMSRP
601479678532 550999 X-Caliber 7 WSD 13.5 650b Matte Solid Charcoal $879.99 $939.99
601479678549 551000 X-Caliber 7 WSD 15.5 650b Matte Solid Charcoal $879.99 $939.99
601479678556 551001 X-Caliber 7 WSD 17.5 29 Matte Solid Charcoal $879.99 $939.99
601479678563 551002 X-Caliber 7 WSD 18.5 29 Matte Solid Charcoal $879.99 $939.99

If you updated your pricing prior to 3:00 PM CST on 4/20/18, you may either follow the steps below to re-update all pricing, or simply manually adjust the pricing for each of these four products. Print new labels for these products from Database Explorer > Products.

Original post: 4/18/18

Did you know that April is Garden Month, which goes hand-in-hand with Straw Hat Month? For most of us in the north, the weather doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo – but that doesn’t mean you should slink back into hibernation!

Trek price update: Starting April 16, Trek announced price increases on select bike models. If you use Trek’s standard pricing (i.e. you don’t set your own prices), just follow these instructions to update to the latest prices:

  1. Head over to the Vendor Files page and download the appropriate Trek Update file (ADVMSRP for advertised/high pricing, or MSRP for standard/low pricing).
  2. In Ascend, open Options > General and uncheck Import Only New Products for Vendors.
  3. From the Ascend Desktop, select the File menu > Import > Vendor Products.
  4. Locate and select the file you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Select the vendor Trek Bicycle Corporation.
  6. On the Select Columns to Import dialog box, check MSRP (ID, PartNo, and Description are automatically checked and cannot be unchecked), then click the OK button.
  7. When complete, go back to Options > General and re-check Import Only New Products for Vendors. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally overwrite any other product information in future updates.
  8. Run the Trek Price 4/2018 update labels to print (Not sure how to do that? Our knowledge base article walks you through it.)
  9. From the results, select the File menu > Print Labels and choose the number of labels you wish to print.

In the clouds: We’ll start migrating multi-store retailers who are on Spring 2018 to transfers on the Stratus platform soon. We’ll personally reach out to the first few sets of retailers prior to scheduling this update, but it will require very little effort on your part. Once your migration is complete, you’ll automatically see the new Transfers screen the next time you access it.

While there aren’t a lot of differences between the old screens and the new, our new Multistore Product Transfers module on Ascend University will walk you through the full process. Looking for a quick, text refresher? We have a knowledge base article for that, too!

Last chance: Trek Fest 2018 ended on April 8. Rebate requests are due to Trek no later than April 21. But we’ve made it easy for you – just download and run the appropriate queries, then send them in to Trek Customer Care. For step-by-step instructions, see our knowledge base article.

Expo hardware: We still have quite a bit of leftover, barely-used expo hardware – including client PCs. Pricing is dependent on the hardware, and quantities are on a first-come-first-served basis, so contact us today to learn more!

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4 responses to “UPDATED: Here comes the sun”

  1. Scott Likly says:

    hi …as Bill requested ,I also would be interested in Expo hardware price sheet.. Thanks in advance

  2. Bill says:

    Interested in expo hardware, could you send over a pricing sheet.

    All the best, Bill

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks for your interest, Bill! Our sales team reached out to you this morning to get you that information, so please give us a call at 877-875-8663 (option 3) if you’re still not seeing it.

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