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Information overload

You’ll want to sit down for this one! From a new Ascend University contest to TCRM campaigns and a Dexter outage, there’s a lot going on this week in the Ascend world.

No tricks, just treats: Do you like food? Do your coworkers like food? And do you like your coworkers? Excellent – because one lucky Ascend retail location has the opportunity to win a lunch party for their entire team!

So, what do you need to do? Just complete each of our Ascend University modules with a score of at least 80% by November 12th. That’s it – no additional forms to complete! Get the full rules, or jump right in! Don’t already have an Ascend University or Trek University account? Learn how to set one up.

Double check your status: If you already had Ascend Sherpa status, make sure to log in and double-check that! We have a new video telling you all about Listen360 and the awesome perks it brings to your store – for no extra cost. Watch the video now.

TCRM Fall Coupons: We were a little late getting the Trek Connect Retailer Marketing (TCRM) Fall catalog coupons into Ascend, but they are available in the Coupon Wizard at this time! If you manually set them up already, make sure they’re formatted like this:

Another TCRM promotion: It’s a busy month if you use TCRM! They are also running a Smart Trainer promotion for the month of October, where customers can test ride (and eventually purchase!) a Smart Trainer. From October 5th-30th, give every customer who test rides a Smart Trainer in your store a free water bottle of your choice. Customers who purchase a Smart Trainer receive a free Zswift membership card (duration based on purchase option). Set up this promotion now.

Trek price updates: A few weeks ago, Trek had a price change due to the new tariffs. Many retailers have already updated their product data, but we wanted to walk you through the changes, just in case it’s still on your “to do” list!

You can start by downloading the new price spreadsheets here, on ascendrms.com. Just log in and navigate to Your Account > Vendor or Supplier Files for your country. Navigate to Trek and Trek/Electra to download these files:

In Ascend, head to Options > General and uncheck Import Only New Products for Vendors. Product information in your system will be overwritten for ALL products imported while this option in unchecked, so make sure you have a recent backup in case you encounter any unintended consequences – product information cannot be recovered without a backup!

Then follow the instructions for importing a large number of vendor products into Ascend.

Once you’re done, immediately go back and check the Import Only New Products for Vendors option so you don’t accidentally replace any other product information!

Email Link Update: We are aware that some people are getting a warning message about our email links from ascendrms@email.ascendrms.com. The warning says that the site isn’t secure/connection isn’t private instead of redirecting you to the correct link. We are working to fix this and apologize for the inconvenience. You should be able to click Advanced, Continue, Show Details, or a similar option to view our links in the meantime. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

Upcoming Dexter outage: Dexter will be offline from approximately 8AM-9AM CST on Sunday (Oct 14th) for an update. This will affect all functions related to Trek ordering (checking product availability, accessing order grids, submitting orders, etc.), but will NOT affect Trek Card processing. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience!



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