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Introducing Ascend Bookkeeping!

October 6, 2014 Finance Eddy

We know it can take a lot of effort to produce accurate and timely financials. Even with all the data, it’s not always easy to determine action items based on a few sheets of paper. Many people are often left asking themselves, “What are the numbers telling me? What should I continue to do?” and “What should I do differently?”

Quick, accurate financial statements are critical to your success in order to have the information you need in time to act on your results. So, we’ve introduced Ascend Bookkeeping and have people, like Maggie Ellison, working hard to help you and your business obtain financial success.

Each month we’ll meet with you for a performance recap. We’ll take the time to provide you the full financial package and discuss areas of strength and opportunity for your business.

Wondering just how much more we can take care of for you? Read on…

Introducing Ascend Bookkeeping Services.




So why us? Because we’re bookkeeping experts. We’ve helped over 400 dealers integrate Ascend with Quickbooks and provided their teams with a wide variety of bookkeeper training. We’re confident that we can supply you the information and assistance your business needs to thrive.

What’s next?
Give us a call at 877 875 8663 to talk to talk to one of our experts and sign up or to get more information about the program.

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