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It’s a hot one

It’s hot, hot, hot(!) here in Wisconsin, but we’re working hard to stay cool. And there are a couple easy ways to help you keep your cool, too. If you haven’t updated to the Summer 2017 version of Ascend, there’s no time like the present! Get the details on the hot new Coupon Wizard, and get a refreshing recap on coupons in general.

Summer 2017: Over half of our retailers are already taking advantage of everything Summer 2017 has to offer. Set aside some time (outside of shop hours) to update your Ascend system and start enjoying:

We’re off to meet the (Coupon) Wizard: In Summer 2017, you’re getting a hand with coupons.  Deals for Trek Connect Retail Marketing, recalls and more can be imported into your system with the click of  button – no more typing it out yourself! Learn more by checking out our video at Ascend University or reading the help topic on UserVoice.

Setting up Coupons: Coupons are a great incentive for your customers – whether you’re thanking frequent shoppers or trying to bring new ones into your store. So you might want to try your own in-house coupon campaign. And when you do, we got the details on how to make that happen! Learn how to create coupons and embed them into your marketing materials or mailers.

Cool monthly sales: For the month of June, we’re offering special financing on all purchases over $500. Check your hardware, figure out what you need, and place your order today.


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