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It’s Inventory Season

October 28, 2015 Cycle Counts, Inventory Eddy

Winter is coming. Make sure you stay on top of your inventory by performing regularly scheduled cycle counts multiple times a year and a full store physical inventory at least once a year. You’ll be glad you did once those holiday sales start.

Cycle counts are an important part of your inventory maintenance and help make full store inventories a lot less painful. Read on to learn how to make sure your database is as happy as your most satisfied customer.

Spot Check: Cycle counts are quick and easy because they allow you to choose a single category at a time. During a cycle count you should:

Plan It Out: Cycle counts aren’t the most fun, so they can be easy to “forget” about. But setting up a regular schedule can really help you and your team plan for them throughout the year. They can also help reinforce accountability for your staff. To  create your cycle count schedule:

Grab Your Scanner: Once you’ve identified your categories, created a schedule, and prepped your team, it’s time to jump in. All you need is an inventory scanner (or two)! Simply:

Reconcile: After you’re done scanning your products, it’s time to import your results and reconcile your inventory to update your database with any changes and keep it up-to-date. All you have to do is:

We also have a helpful set of videos to help you along the way. You can check them out by clicking here. Or if you’d like text based aid, check out this Online Help topic. If you need a little more information or have a question about how to perform cycle counts, give us a call or send us an note. The Ascend Support Team is available at 877 875 8663 or by email: help@ascendrms.com.

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