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It’s present time

The Winter 2017 version of Ascend is finally here! Winter is bringing you some holiday goodies – including a new Purchase on Account workflow, some sweet Purchase Order updates, and it’s all topped off with shiny new Transaction Open messages. Speaking of holidays, take a moment to see what’s up with TCRM holiday coupons and write down our holiday support hours.

Winter 2017: As of Tuesday, December 19th, the Winter 2017 version of Ascend is available to all Ascend retailers. Set aside time outside of store hours to update to the latest and greatest.

This one’s open: In Winter 2017, if you open a Work Order or Layaway that another employee is editing on a different computer, Ascend will let you know – so you won’t lose any changes you might plan on making. The pop up tells you which employee opened the transaction and the Workstation it’s open on – so you can easily track down the sale and see what’s going on.

Bringing POA into the 21st century: We’ve updated Purchase on Account in the Customer record, payment processing window, and Purchase on Account Management screens. During a sale, you can designate a specific Purchaser using the Search icon and indicate whether this Purchaser’s shipping address should show on the invoice. You can also assign different Terms for specific transactions by overriding the default value.

Watch the video on Ascend University to learn more.

Tweaking Purchase Orders: One of the coolest updates to POs is a hot new Transfer To column – so you can easily track and manage your transfers to other multi-store locations without leaving your vendor order! Head over to Ascend University to see what other goodies were added to the Purchase Order screen.

Holiday hours: There are a lot of holiday hours coming up – so make sure to mark them on your calendar! The support line will be closed for an all-company meeting this Friday, December 22nd from 9:00AM-10:15AM CST.

For the Christmas holiday, emergency support will be available on Sunday, December 24th. Support will not be available on Monday, December 25th. Emergency support will be available on Tuesday, December 26th

And for New Year’s the following week, there will be no support on Monday, January 1st and there will be emergency support on Tuesday, December 2nd

TCRM holiday coupons: We recently discovered that the wrong coupon code was included on holiday catalogs for the Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) program. These in-store catalogs include the same coupon code as that used for the fall campaign.

If you participate in TCRM, you’ll need to extend the effective date range on your fall in-store catalog coupons so customers can use them for the holidays.

  1. From the Ascend Desktop, select the View menu > Payment Types.
  2. In the upper pane, select Coupon. Do not double-click.
  3. Locate and double-click the Trek Connect 2017 In-store Fall Catalog coupons (codes TCCAT3IN101718 and TCCAT3IN201718).
  4. In the End Date field, enter 1/1/2018.
  5. Click Save.

Catalogs sent directly to your top customers are not affected – these coupons have the correct holiday code included.

Last chance to gift yourself: Santa told us to give you 10% off all peripherals (excluding PCs) for the month of December. Stock up and save on the latest and greatest hardware – order today!


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