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It's Spring Somewhere

March 24, 2015 General, Marketing, Sales, Version Updates Eddy

Our sidewalks are freshly powdered with snow in Waterloo, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the bright, blossoming updates we’ve packed into the Spring 2015 version of Ascend. And what else could go better with your new software than some updated hardware?

We can provide your business with everything it needs to get off the ground or to stay above the clouds. Whether it’s receipt paper, label printers, scanners, or PCs, the Ascend Team has you covered. And we didn’t forget about the “best support” part: all Dell PC purchases include 3 Year Gold Support – which means you’re covered if you ever have any hardware related issues with your purchase. No need to worry about extended outages during peak season. If Dell can’t fix it over the phone, they’ll have someone onsite the next business day – as easy as that!

Purchase something other than a PC? The Ascend Peripheral Guarantee covers the manufactures warranty on all other items. If your hardware should go bad within your warranty period just give us a ring and we’ll send you a replacement unit – no questions asked. All we need is the defective unit and you end up with a brand new item plus a fresh warranty.

Spending $500 or more? We’ll finance your purchase and give you 0% interest! It’s really a no-brainer, so give us a call at 877 875 8663 or order using your Ascend system by clicking on Integration > Ascend > Order Hardware and Supplies from the desktop. If you have the latest version of Ascend (hint, hint) just click on the new “Order Supplies” icon.

And Don’t Forget to Update: The Spring 2015 version of Ascend has been in the wild for a week, but a few retailers still haven’t made the jump.

Not sure if you’re running the latest version? Just check the bottom of your Ascend application window (yep, that line with your shop name).  Does it say “Software: 2.12” or below? Then you’re missing out on an updated interface, Batch Transfers, Receiving updates, a new warranty workflow and much more!

Update to start running a better business today, then watch our overview video or read the release notes if you want to learn more. Still stumped? Give us a call at 877 875 8663 to speak with a member from our Support Team.

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2 responses to “It's Spring Somewhere”

  1. Kelly Holmes says:

    Hey Ascend Crew! I just wanted to say thank you for your constant drive to make Ascend even better. Its the little thing like “sessions total” that really make a my job a little easier and saves me time. I have worked with you guys for over 2 years now and want to make sure that you know that I have truly been very impressed with your customer service and your willingness to always give it your best effort to help answer all of my questions (and there have been plenty). Keep it up!


    • Eddy Cevilla says:

      Thanks, Kelly! I’ve shared your comment with our team and we all certainly appreciate the encouragement 🙂

      Hope the NH weather is treating you guys well!

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