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UPDATED: Keep Clipping Coupons

UPDATE: 11/23/16 11:00AM CST 

We’re happy to report that we’ve received an “all-clear” notice from Chase Paymentech™. Wells Fargo cards should now be processing normally on your Ascend system.

The issue was traced back to an update that Wells Fargo made last Thursday to their payment systems. Unfortunately, the change ended up negatively impacting all Wells Fargo EMV cards and causing them to process incorrectly when using their chip at retailers nationwide. They’ve addressed the issue today.

We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a happy holiday season!

Original post: 11/22/16

Are you ready for Black Friday? This week, we’re prepping for the holiday rush by covering coupons, along with an update included in the Winter 2016 version of Ascend. We’re also highlighting the limited support hours for Thanksgiving, a Debit processing issue with Chase Paymentech™, our Winter Release webinar, and an Ascend hardware discount you can still take advantage of.

Limited Support: Ascend will have limited support hours over the Thanksgiving holiday. Ascend Support will not be available on Thursday, November 25th. And there will be limited support Friday, November 25th from 8AM-5PM CST on our Emergency Support Line. 

We wish you a happy holiday and look forward to being back to normal business hours next week!

Watch for Voided Debit Card Payments: Chase Paymentech™ is experiencing issues processing some debit cards (mostly cards issued by Wells Fargo). If you are Chase Paymentech™ integrated, you may experience transactions where a card is ‘approved’ and then immediately ‘voided’ in the transaction. Ascend immediately records the void in the transaction and shows that the balance is still due. If the transaction goes through and closes like normal, there’s nothing to worry about!

Our team is working with Chase Paymentech™ on this issue, and will update you ASAP. For now, we advise that you try reprocessing failed debit card payments using the “US Debit” option on your payment terminal. 

Coupon Mania: Black Friday usually brings Sales promotions, a lot of customers, and a lot of coupons. If you haven’t taken coupons recently, it’s probably a good time for a recap! The most important thing to remember is that coupons must be applied to the transaction before any non-coupon payments are accepted.

When it’s time to take payment, ask if the customer has a coupon right away (after scanning their sales items) and if they do, simply:

  1. Select the Coupon payment button to open the Payment window.
  2. In the Code drop-down, scan or select the appropriate coupon and the Amount is automatically entered.
  3. Select Save on the Payment window.
  4. Repeat as needed for customers with multiple coupons. Coupon payments can be entered in any order.

If you forget to ask for coupons and take another payment first, you will need to delete that payment before adding any coupons to the transaction.

What’s New with Winter 2016 Version: Starting with the Winter 2016 version of Ascend, Post-Tax coupons can be taken at any time during a transaction – even if the customer has already made a payment. However, Pre-tax coupons still must be applied to the transaction before any non-coupon payments are accepted.

Fill Us in: Speaking of the Winter 2016 release, make sure you’re ready by reviewing the release notes or watching the overview videoAs you watch or read (or both!), jot down any questions you have or any topics that you want to hear more about.

Then send your comments and questions to our team ASAP so we can be include them in our upcoming Winter 2016 Release Webinar. Simply email your questions to training@ascendrms.com before November 25th.

Your “Black Friday” Deal: We know – it’s valid through November 30th, but it’s still a good deal! You can get a brand-new MC2180 inventory scanner for just $1100 USD ($1408 CAD) with 12 months of interest-free financing. Email us at sales@ascendrms.com, or call us at 877-875-8773 to take advantage of this offer.


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