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We know it’s not the time of year you want to be thinking about your computer security – but it’s exactly the time you should keep it in mind! Scammers, spammers, and hackers don’t take vacations – and many know that summer is the busiest time of most retailers’ year – so the warmer weather brings a surge of viruses, ransomware, skimmers, and other malware along with your rush in sales. Learn how to keep your store protected from these threats.

Keep an eye on security: There’s a lot to think about when it comes to computer security. But just like you wouldn’t leave the doors to your store unlocked when no one’s there or go without a security system, you also shouldn’t leave your computers defenseless.

Want more details? Check out our latest Ascend University module or our knowledge base article for tips on staying prepared.

Your server isn’t the only computer that’s at risk – many viruses and intrusions can spread from just a single computer on your network, so follow these steps for each and every one of your computers!

And while we’re always more than happy to help our retailers with not-quite-Ascend-related questions, please keep in mind that we’re trained only in the ins and outs of Ascend – not in full networking or IT standards. If you need assistance implementing any of these measures, please contact a local IT professional or computer service company.

Workstations done right: Do you have new workstations for the summer? Are you a DIY-er? Follow this handy checklist for hassle-free setup at any time – no need for a call to support!

  1. Configure Windows® to our recommended settings. This will head off most setup problems from the start!
  2. Install and configure the Ascend client.
  3. Add and assign unique workstation names to each computer. Not only will this give you better reporting, but most peripherals require a separate workstation name so that they can set their options correctly.
  4. Install and configure any peripherals the workstation needs.
  5. Run through a “fake” transaction to verify everything’s working as expected before you have a line of customers in front of you!

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