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Last Call for Grillin’

Fall is just around the corner and in the US, Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff! Ensure you’re ready for the autumn rush and prepare your shop for smooth transition to the next selling season with accurate inventories.

Limited Support Available: The Ascend Support Line will be closed on Monday September 5th for the holiday, but we’ve still got you covered.

If you run into any issue preventing you from processing sales, give us a ring and direct yourself to our emergency support mailbox. One of our techs will reach out within a few minutes to help get you back up and running.

Like to be prepared? Read our help topic on getting emergency support so you know what to do ahead of time.

Attention Trek Card Retailers: A few changes are coming your way! If you accept the Trek Card, set aside time to update to Fall 2016 as soon as it’s released. The card processor is changing their platform, and the new release enables Ascend to take advantage of the changes.

Ascend versions prior to Fall 2016 will be unable to process Trek Cards starting on November 1, 2016.

Free Period: Earn your break and school yourself on everything new with the Fall 2016 release. Read the full release notes, view the overview video, and breeze through the new Ascend University modules.

End of Summer Sales: Is your label printer getting close to becoming a technological relic?  If you still have a Zebra LP2824 (not the LP2824 Plus), it’s likely getting to the end of its life – get 5% off a brand new printer through the end of September!

Got a quick finger? Contact us today for your chance to score one of our Trek World 2017 demo printers for 10% off. Just call at (877) 875-8663 or send an email to sales@ascendrms.com

Keep Counting: Fall is also a great time to get back in the swing of Cycle Counts. Or, if you haven’t been doing them yet, it’s also a great time to get started and get some practice before it’s time to do your year-end Physical Inventory!

Cycle Counts are a quick spot-check for inventory accuracy, and help you find problems with your employees’ processes or with your product database ahead of your Physical Inventory. In turn, they make the Physical Inventory process run smoother and save you time and headaches on inventory day. Learn how to perform Cycle Counts in our online help.

With the end of the year coming up fast, make sure you review our Physical Inventory Preparation checklists to schedule your tasks leading up to inventory day, and review our Physical Inventory topics in our online help to make sure you’re a pro before the big day.

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