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If you’ve already updated to the June 2018 version of Ascend, hopefully you’re taking advantages of the cool new features! If you aren’t on June 2018 yet, make sure to set aside some time outside of store hours to update. You should also take a few minutes right now to read this post and check out these important announcements!

Upcoming limited support: The Ascend support line will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th for the Fourth of July. Emergency support will be available from 8:00am – 5:00pm CST on the 4th for issues preventing sales.

For all other issues, check out our Knowledge Base for help, send us an email, submit a support ticket, or simply call us on Thursday. Have a great holiday!

User permission changes: There are two new user permissions for Reservations. Both are included in the Administrator and Manager permission templates. But they are not checked automatically with the June 2018 update. Head over to Database Explorer > Users and check these permissions for users who will be editing reservations.

Quickbooks mapping update: If you use Quickbooks, you’ll need to check your mapping after the June 2018 update. Even if you don’t plan to use the new Reservations in Ascend, you still will see some changes in your Ascend system, including a new Product Category.

After updating your workstations, it’s important to map your Reservations category with Quickbooks in Ascend. This will not happen automatically after updating to June 2018 and will be required before being able to export your General Ledger Summary.

If you have any scheduled reports that rely on your general ledger details, Ascend will display an error until all of your accounts are mapped!

Make a Reservation: In the June 2018 version of Ascend, Rentals and reservations has been completely redone! Let’s run through the changes.

You can assign rental rates to your rental Collections to easily figure out rental prices based on what items a customer is renting and for how long. Each Rental Rate program can have multiple rate types attached – so one Rate program could have an Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rate attached.

Then, when one item with that rate is added to a reservation, Ascend will automatically calculate the price as you update the reservation’s length.

Check out our latest video on Ascend University or our help document on the Ascend Knowledge base to learn more about rental Rates.

Collections and Rental Products: Collections are the ‘container’ for all your Rental Products that connects those products to Rates. Rental Products are the individual UPCs that will be part of your rental fleet. Both Collections and Rental Products can be added under Database Explorer > Reservations.

Click this link to learn more about Collections and Products on Ascend University, or click this one to read about them at the Knowledge base.

The Reservations screen: After everything is set up, you can start scheduling Reservations! Head to Database Explorer > Reservations or select the Add Reservation tile (with the plus sign) to start a new reservation.

Use the filters and search bar on the left side of the Reservation window to find rental items that fit the customers’ needs. Simply select a tile to add that item to the reservation. Update the check-out and check-in dates/times at the top of the window. Then click Save  or Save and Pay to record your changes.

Want more info? Check out our new video on Scheduling a Reservation, or visit the knowledge base article.


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