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Make Your Bookkeeper Happy

January 31, 2014 Finance, Version Updates Mark

In Version 2.9, due out on March 18th, we’ve made a change that will really make your bookkeeper happy.

Fewer Files = Less Time

Currently, if you integrate Ascend with QuickBooks, you need to import one IIF file per day for each location.  For example, if you have two locations, for one week you’ll need to import 14 individual files.  We’ve changed that.  Now when you select a date range for exporting your general ledger files Ascend will create just one file for you.  All of the daily entries for that date range will be included in the single file.   So now, for those two locations, you’ll only have to import 2 files instead of 14.  If you like getting a separate file for each day, you can check the box for that.

AscendGL_ ExportDateSelector

If you haven’t yet integrated Ascend with QuickBooks, contact us at accounting@ascendrms.com.

And the winner is….

Last week we told you that, in Version 2.9,  the order of items as you scanned them into the Sales screen will be what prints out on your receipts. .  Click here if you missed that blog.  We challenged you to tell us how the items are currently sorted.  The first person to answer correctly would win 6 free rolls of Go By Bike receipt paper.  We got a great number of responses.  The correct answer is “alphabetically by in-store SKU”.  Brian Miller of Bicycles Etc. in Naperville, Illinois was the first person to give the correct answer.  Congratulations Brian!  Your receipt paper is on the way.  Thank you to everyone that participated!

Version 2.9 will be available for early release on February 18th.  It will be available to everyone on March 18th.

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