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Contactless NFC payments are here with May 2020

While this spring has been anything but normal, summer is on its way – and we’ve been preparing for sun. Our team has put in a lot of work (at home) into the May 2020 version of Ascend and we’re excited to share it with our retailers starting May 20th, 2020.

However, we’ll be doing things a little differently this time. So, keep reading for details on how to get it! For a full list of work we’ve done, check out the release notes.

Guided update: As you’ll see below, we have several exciting changes coming…but some of them are a bit complex and we want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Instead of delaying the update, we decided we could provide interested retailers with the new features now – with a bit of help from our support team. For that reason, we’re asking that you use the link below to request your update and schedule a time for us to guide your team through the process.

We’ve got some highlights listed here, but scroll down for more in-depth info on these upgrades:

Click here to request your Ascend update.

Easy pay: We’ve heard your requests loud and clear! Unfortunately, both near-field communications (NFC) and overriding the default payment choices sent by EMV cards required recertification processes that take a very, very long time.

We’ve now simplified the choices customers see on the Ingenico payment processing terminal – they’ll only be presented with options for Credit or Debit, regardless of the card issuer.

Near-field communications (NFC) technology allows your customers to load their credit card information onto their device (phone, smart watch, fitness device, etc.) so they can make contactless payments – some credit cards also offer this option.

eCommerce stability: We’re moving our eCommerce integration over to a new platform on the back-end of things (but there’s no change in website provider options). While there aren’t any new features associated with this change – yet – this gives us a springboard for future changes and gives you a faster and more reliable experience.

Category Analysis: The Category Health Summary report on Ascend Analytics was an integral part of your business analysis. The Ascend HQ platform now gives you many more options for reporting on that same data in near-real-time.

Retail Profit Machine: The Retail Profit Machine (RPM) metric on Ascend HQ Analytics gives you a quick view of the most important data for your business.

Ingenico sales summary: This one’s a small-but-mighty upgrade – at the end of a sale, your customers can now see a summary of their transaction right on the Ingenico payment terminal screen.

Work order retention: To prevent work from falling through the cracks, we’ve made a couple adjustments to Work Order transactions:

More Customer Query filters: Email (and postal) marketing is key to getting customers to continue purchasing from your store (whether that’s online or by appointment in the store).

Better user management: We added a Products/Vendor Products – View Only user permission to allow employees to view product information – without editing it. We also ensured:

COVID-19 resources: It’s a strange time to be a small business. We get that. And we’re here to help you – check out our COVID-19 retailer resources to see all the features we offer so you can save the season with everything already at your disposal.

TCRM campaign updates: In light of the ongoing pandemic, Trek has reworked the Trek Connect Retail Marketing calendar for the next few months. Check out the 2020 retail promotion calendar: May to July B2B article to learn more (you’ll need to be logged into Trek’s B2B site in order to view the article).

Memorial Day support: The Ascend office will be closed for the US Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 25th. This includes the support line – however, emergency support will be available from 8:00 am-5:00 pm US Central time. Emergency support will also be available on Saturday and Sunday, like normal.


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