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More Customer Data at your Fingertips

May 7, 2014 Customers, Reports, Sales Mark

With Ascend Version 2.9 we introduced our new Customer Panel. The new panel puts a wealth of information about your customers right at your fingertips in the sales screen. In Ascend Version 2.10, due out on June 10th, you can look forward to even more.

Totals for All Locations:

Many of you have more than one retail location. When you’re with a customer, you want to see the total value of their business at all of your stores. To help you, we’ve added an All Locations column to the Sales tab.  Here it is in action:

Sales Tab with All Locations

Complete Dealership History

The History tab is the place to get detailed information about the items your customers have purchased from you.  Currently it only shows details for the location you’re in.  In Version 2.10 we’ve added a Dealership History link to this tab. When you click on it, you’ll automatically be directed to the Customer Transaction History report in AOR. By default, the report will display the customer’s transactions at all of your locations over the past year. You can change the date range or filter down to specific locations from there. We’ve added a new permission that allows access this report only (and not the rest of the reports on AOR).  When you upgrade, it will be enabled by default for all of your users.

Ascend Version 2.10 will be available for early release on May 13th.  If you’d like to be part of this group, contact the Support Team.  It will be available to everyone on June 10th.

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