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No Wallet? No Problem.

Smartphones have brought us the power to control our homes, order a car, and now have the ability to replace your credit cards. With the Spring 2016 version of Ascend and an Ingenico terminal, you can now join the fun. Plus, some information on submitting your 2016 Trek Fest reports. Read on to learn more!

Cash, Credit, or…Samsung Pay: If you’ve updated your payment processing units to the new Ingenico iSC250, you no longer have to count on your customers remembering their wallets to close that sale. If they own a capable Samsung device, customers will now be able to simply hover their smartphone near the Ingenico payment terminal allowing you to process the transaction as a traditional credit card payment.

It’s quick, easy, and safe. Plus, it’s pretty cool! Still looking for Apple or Andriod Pay? Don’t fret – our team plans to bring this functionality to Ascend in the future.

Trek Fest Redemption: While certain rebates have been extended for select Trek products, Trek Fest 2016 has officially come to a close. Make sure you’ve run the rebate queries before sending them off to Trek for redemption.

Miss the setup instructions the first time around? No problem, click here for the deets.

Become a Sherpa: We want you to learn what you need to know to perform, so we’ve set up a program to keep you coming back for more. If you haven’t checked out Ascend University, it’s not too late! We’ve developed three distinct Schools that focus on each of the retail pillars Ascend aims to help you master: Inventory, Sales, and Services.

Click here to keep climbing or here to sign-up today. Already on Trek U? Then you’re all set! Just use the same credentials to log in.

Last Chance: April is quickly coming to a close. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to replace those unsafe mag-stripe readers. And if you’ve recently added new workstations to help handle the summer bustle, you can save now on an Ingenico bundle.

This month only, you can get the Ingenico iSC250 payment terminal for only $700 or you can bundle it with a stand for an extra $50. Contact the Support Team or email sales@ascendrms.com for more information.

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