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Now it’s Personal

How are you ringing in the new year? At Ascend, January involves lots and lots of inventory! Join us and start the year right with a full store inventory. There’s also an exciting new website change coming your way and a chance to hang out with our crew at CABDA.

Ready, Set, Scan: Year-end inventory is a great way to start the year fresh. Have you prepped yet by reserving extra inventory scanners? Our rental fleet is completely booked through mid-January, but you may still be able to snag one for a later inventory date.

They go fast – so request yours today!

Since inventory only comes around once a year, be sure to prepare for the big day by reviewing our online help topics and Ascend University modules. You won’t regret it!

Master Your Motorola: Let’s face it, inventory scanners can be confusing. You don’t use your inventory scanner everyday, so when it’s on the fritz, you might need a little help figuring out how to fix it.

Check out our new video on troubleshooting an inventory scanner to get all the tips, tricks, and visual aids you might need when your scanner is acting up.

Make it PersonalAscendrms.com has some changes on the way. And the update comes with personalized log-ins for our retailers.

To create your personalized username, fill out this online request form. The limit is two usernames per store location, so be sure to get your manager or owner involved in the decision. Then, get your requests in by February 20th, 2017 to ensure you don’t lose access to vendor updates or Ascend installation documents.

Catch you at CABDA: Are you attending the Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association Expo? If so, we’ll meet you there! Join us in St. Charles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort on Wednesday, February 1st from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Thursday, February 2nd from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Ascend team members Pat and Gavin will be at booth G-4 ready to answer any of your retail management questions.


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